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Always Current

Everyone knows planning events and conferences is difficult and last minute changes are unavoidable. With EventFULL’s intuitive dashboard, you can make changes at any time and the changes will be automatically synched to your attendees so their information is always current. No more stuffing change forms into paper agendas!


Apps are simple and easy to navigate. Need something unique? Let us know. We’ve got your back.


Our web dashboard makes administration of your conference a breeze!


Customize the look and feel to suit your own brand needs.

Be Green

Help the environment and eliminate your expenses by reducing your dependence on paper agendas.

Customize all you want!

We all know every event is unique and this is why our team build EventFULL in such a way as to allow organizers to  tailor their app directly to their needs.  Administrators can easily add individual screens and include their own unique content.  Need a screen to feature a keynote speaker or highlight a specific charity?  No problem!

No Hassle Pricing


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Return Customer Discount ($500)

Give Back

15% of our proceeds go directly to a charity

At EventFULL, our core philosophy is to pay if forward by giving back 15% of our proceeds directly to charities. Let’s all work together to make this world a better place. 

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